Welcome Wild Ones!

This is a guideline to help you hold your very own Wild Rumpus as part of the Big Wild Rumpus 2015. We are over the moon that you’d like to join this UK-wide event in celebrating the timeless classic, Where the Wild Things Are.

Here you will find a step-by-step guide to organising your Wild Rumpus, filled with useful links to resources and further information.

Event date, time and structure:

The Big Wild Rumpus 2015 will take place on Saturday the 13th of June. This is made up of many individual Wild Rumpuses hosted throughout the country.

The time 11am signals the start of reading the book Where the Wild Things Are together out loud.

The moment in the book where Max shouts ‘let the Wild Rumpus begin’ will signal the start of your very own Wild Rumpus, allowing you to create a cacophony of noise however you please.

Stamp your feet, bang your drum and roar your terrible roar.

Make it personal:

Each Wild Rumpus will be unique. Big or small, it’s all about coming together and joining in. Add your own touches, make your mark and create something remarkable.

Some things to ponder:

Before jumping in head first, here are a few things you’ll want to consider;

  • Size - do you want to host an intimate Wild Rumpus or have it open for anyone to attend?
  • Time – how long will your event run for?
  • Cost – do you have a budget and will you be charging for people to attend?
  • Entertainment -will you be running games and craft activities before or after the 11am start of reading the book?

Time to organise your very own Wild Rumpus – here’s how.

These steps will help give you an overview of how to get your Wild Rumpus off the ground and ready to go.

  1. When and Where.

Save the date (Saturday the 13th of June). Cancel existing appointments and put it in the diary with indelible ink. This day is Wild Rumpus day.

Think about where you want to hold your Wild Rumpus.

This could be in your living room or garden, it could be down the local park or in the village hall. Do you need to book a venue? If so, now is the time to do it.

  1. Spread the word.

There are plenty of ways to let people know about your Wild Rumpus, depending on the scale of your event.

Have a look at our publicity toolkit for printable invitation and poster templates as well as advice on social media and press.

Share ideas, anecdotes and your excitement on Facebook and Twitter. Let everyone know how you are embracing the spirit of the #thebigwildrumpus

If your Wild Rumpus is open to the public, make sure you add it to the listings & map so people know to come.

  1. Create and bake.

You’ve saved the date, you have your venue and you’ve sent the invitations out. Hurrah – now for the decorations.

Get a dose of inspiration from our crafty ideas or come up with your own ideas for decorating and start making! Deck the place out so it’s fit for the King of all Wild Things.

  1. Run activities.

Get everyone in a frenzy of excitement for your Wild Rumpus.

Have copies of Where the Wild Things Are book or the text ready for everyone to read aloud.

Congratulations – you are now ready to let the Wild Rumpus begin…