Max’s Crown


Become King of all the Wild Things with this Corrugated Cardboard Crown.

Make sure you have your shiny gold crown at the ready when attending the Big Wild Rumpus. Here’s how to make your own.


You need:
A strip of corrugated Cardboard – either the long flap from a box or you can buy pre corrugated cardboard paper rolls.
Double Sided Tape
Gold Paint and Brush

  1. Draw the Crown on a strip of cardboard long enough to go around your head.


2. Cut it out with big scissors.


3. If using cardboard from a box, peel off the top smooth layer to expose the internal ribbed surface. This can take quite a while! To save time use pre corrugated cardboard paper so it’s already done for you.


4. Paint the crown. Add a sprinkle of gold glitter to give it extra sparkle.


5. Whilst waiting for the crown to dry, practice roaring your terrible roars and gnashing your terrible teeth in preparation for the Big Wild Rumpus.

6. Once dry, stick the two ends together using double sided sticky tape.



7. Crown yourself king of the Wild Things.