Publicity Toolkit

Shout it from the rooftops – The Big Wild Rumpus publicity toolkit.

Hello and welcome to your publicity toolkit.

Excellent news – you’ve decided to host a Wild Rumpus. Now it’s time to shout about it.

Whatever the size of your planned Rumpus, this toolkit is here to help you spread the word and let people know what excitements you’ve got planned.

Who do you want to come to your Wild Rumpus?

From a small gathering with your nearest and dearest, to a huge shindig open for all – it’s the people that will really make your Wild Rumpus a wild success.

Think about who your Wild Rumpus is aimed at – is it predominantly for young families, for an older audience or for the local community? This will determine how and where you shout about your Wild Rumpus event.

For family and friends:

  • Send out invitations/e-invites.
  • Set up an event on Facebook to invite your pals.

For public events:

  • List your Wild Rumpus on the Big Wild Rumpus map.
  • Advertise in places your intended audience will look.
  • Put up on your venue’s website, if it has one.
  • Contact the press about your Wild Rumpus.
  • Use social media.
  • Put up posters and hand out flyers.

Let people know – invitations and posters:


Get creative and design your own invitations or use one of our lovely invitation templates to print out and send to your loved ones.

You may want to send out the text from Where the Wild Things Are, so your guests can practice reading it at home and bring with them to read out loud at your Wild Rumpus.

Posters and flyers:

Posters displayed all around the area local to your Wild Rumpus are a good way to let people know about it. You can download our Wild Rumpus poster template here and personalise it with your details. The details should include:

  •  the date/s and time/s of your Wild Rumpus
  • where it’s taking place
  • contact or booking information
  • web address to your Wild Rumpus listing on our website and/or your own website
  • social media details (Facebook/Twitter etc)

Flyering is an effective way to let people know about your Wild Rumpus, especially if you strike up conversations with fellow wild ones.

A template Wild Rumpus flyer can be downloaded here and can be personalised with your own details.

The Nitty-gritties:

However you spread the word, remember to include the practical stuff (who, what, when, where and how).

Be clear about what a Wild Rumpus is:

E.g. Take part in the Big Wild Rumpus 2015. Join us to read Where the Wild Things Are out loud and release your inner wild thing.


You are going to run a great event so make sure local newspapers, radio stations, TV stations and bloggers know all about it. Be clear what you’d like from each person you’re contacting. I.e. Would you like press coverage in advance to your event or a journalist/photographer there on the day to cover it?

Compile a list of publications local to the area. You can often find the contact details of the editor on the publications website.

Write a press release about your event or amend our press release template with your details.


Remember the time it takes a journalist to plan to attend and cover your Wild Rumpus.

Weekly newspapers: four to six weeks in advance

Daily newspapers: one to two weeks in advance

TV news: two to three weeks in advance

Radio stations: one to two weeks in advance

Blogs: two to three weeks in advance

Many websites offer a listings service, where you can upload the details of your Wild Rumpus through their website to be shared with their readership.


Use our Press Release Template to let journalists know about your Wild Rumpus.


Social media is a wonderful opportunity to build up a relationship with your audience whilst promoting your Wild Rumpus. There are many networks available to do this – here are some suggestions.


Follow us on Twitter and talk to us what is happening at your Wild Rumpus.

  • A good way to impart short and snappy information.
  • Aim for around 4 tweets a day, as well as responding to comments and questions.
  • Directly message people and organisations of relevance to your Wild Rumpus.


Please join the Big Wild Rumpus Facebook Event, post content on our page, and share things we post.

  • Post on your organisations page or set up an event to invite everyone.
  • Good for sharing longer pieces of information, along with photos and videos.
  • Aim for around 1 to 2 posts a day, as well as responding to comments and questions.


Use the hashtag #thebigwildrumpus on your instagram images to show us all what a wild time you’re having, and so that we can tell the story of the Big Wild Rumpus after the day.

  • Share images with your audience – preparation for the Wild Rumpus along with images of the event.
  • Aim to post once a day.


If you are running the Wild Rumpus as part of an organisation, upload the event details for your Wild Rumpus on your companies website.

You can also write blog posts before and after the event – remember to include eye-catching images.

If you have a mailing list, send out emails leading up to your event with information and updates to keep your wild readers in the loop.

So roar your terrible roars and shout loud and proud about your wonderful Wild Rumpus, so as many people as possible can join in with the national campaign to celebrate the nation’s love for Where the Wild Things Are.

Use the hashtag #thebigwildrumpus

The Wild Rumpus hashtag for all of us is #thebigwildrumpus

Please use #thebigwildrumpus whenever posting on social media so we can all connect and search with what everyone is doing. Join the campaign and be part of a collective voice.